3 comments on “SBS Tankentai XP [ACE Edition]

  1. Hey, I wanted to know if this script is available for commercial use.

    Some places say that it is while another says that it isn’t.

    I’m not concerned about the bugs–just want to know if it is available.



    PS. I like your scripts. I’ll let you know if I decide to use any of them for anything.

  2. This script currently is the same as Victor Sants, so whatever his rules are on commercial use is. plus the reason why the other sites don’t say commercial use is because Victor Sants (Atoa) either didn’t update those sites or some random person decided to post the script on that site without his knowledge.

    Just a quick note, I have been procrastinating on this, but will be making my own SideView Battle system. Hopfully a demo will be out before July. Then I can get this bugy system off my blog.

    • Okay, cool.

      Thanks for the info.

      He took it down from commercial use and said that it’s unsupported…..and then added not to ask anything about that script ever again, lol.

      I’ll figure it out.

      Thanks again.


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