Hi, I’m Anthony Clark, aka Bigace360, and I’m scripter for RPG Maker. I mostly write scripts for RPG Maker XP, but will occasionally write them for RPG Maker VXAce as well. Sites that I’m mostly on are gdunlimited and RRR.

I’m going to provide within this blogs all scripts i’ve made and give support on them. And also my new creations.

I hope everyone can appreciate my works.

Projects & Talents

I’m am currently working on two games Warriors Episode I and Remake:Revalations – The Demon slayer which are on partial hiatus due to lack of time in departments or lack of help if you say. While the Latter is easier to make as its a remake of a old game, most of the resources are hard to find like stats on bosses and trying to make there maps identical. Warriors Episode I will be release right after the completion of Revelations.


  • Scripting – I consider myself an intermediate scripter, I’m not the best programmer around here, but I have an extensive knowledge of Ruby and RGSS. However, I still have alot to learn. You’ll notice when I create something truely amazing.
  • Event-making – Of course, since it’s also programming. I don’t always rely on scripting, since I can do both, I’m also able to assess which option is better for specific needs.
  • Musical creation – Right now I’m a novice in the category, but I’ve made a couple of tracks before, but they weren’t really that good. When I increase my skills here I’ll post some my music to use in someones game.
  • Graphic processing – I’m definitely no pixel artist, but I’m quite proficient at abstract/geometrical graphic processing, and most of my creations are entirely made from scratch using only Photoshop’s effects. I’m also somewhat proficient in using 3D programs such as Maya, but my skills are kind of rusty as I haven’t touch the program in like 2 years, plus computer sucks using that program. It’s better to just use the schools.
  • Web Design – I’ve yet to release anything in web development, but I’ve been messing around with Adobe Flash Catalyst (Web creator for lazy people like me) and created a nice website for my grandma. However she yet to give me more info for the site so it’s been in development hell since 2010.

3 comments on “About

  1. Thanks for the hard work~
    It feels like I’m the only one making a game in Maker XP, so I really apreciate your work here

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