Here you can find the scripts I’ve made for RPG Maker XP. These scripts work only with RPG Maker XP. There’s no warrant upon using them, so use at your own risk. It’s highly recommended that you place your scripts within the order shown on this page.

  • Battle Scripts [1]These are scripts that affect the flow of battle. They adjust things from various appearances to small mechanical tweaks.

Total Scripts (43)

What’s posted here is for public use. Whether or not you use decide to share it with others, post it on other websites (unless stated otherwise), use it in your own games (free or commercial), I’m okay with that as long as credits are due to their respective parties. I don’t demand liberties or anything when the scripts are used for commercial games, but a free copy of the game would be nice~

2 comments on “RGSS

  1. Thanks for the scripts. I will put them to good use. I’ve already added most of your menu scripts into my game. I had some difficulty because I’m also using BlizzABS and Custom Resolution. I finally found an order that works. First Custom Resolution, then Ace Menu Scripts, BlizzABS, and last BlizzABS Custom Res controller. I wasn’t able to use the Blizz-Custom Res window fix because of some error, so now all my menus are on the left instead of the center. The Menu looks kind of odd squished to the left on a 1024 by 576px game. Not, but it’s not a big problem, I’ll find a fix somewhere.
    The problem I do have is the text. All of the text in my entire game (excluding the main menu, as I have kept that default for now) is missing. Everything works, but it doesn’t display. I tried resetting the text color. No change. Any idea what It could be? Is there a way to change the text back to default? Or can you point me to which menu scripts of yours that may alter the text in some way?
    Any advice helps, thanks 🙂

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