ACE Equip System [RMXP]

Last Updated: July 17, 2013
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This script essentially redefines the way the equipment system works while keeping the core without rewriting too much.  This script changes the equipment scene with a different layout and more efficient methods. Also adds a command window that allows the player to choose from four diffenet methods:  Manual, Optimize, Optimize All, & Unequip All.

To install this script, open up your script editor and copy/paste this script to an open slot below Scene_Debug, and Warrior_Engine, but above Main. Considering the special nature of this script, it is highly recommended that you place this script above all non-core scripts, but below Warrior Engine, Scene_Base, and ACE Scene_Menu. Remember to save.

Scroll down and edit the module as you see fitting for your game.

Script Conflicts and Compatability
Requires the script ‘Scene_Base‘ v1.4 or higher
Requires the script ‘Scene_MenuBase‘ v1.00 or higher
Requires the script ‘Module RPG::BaseItem‘ 1.2 or higher

7 comments on “ACE Equip System [RMXP]

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  4. Got some bugs here;

    First of all, my characters are just wearing weapon and armor and the armor appears in the Shield slot, however I have to go all the way down to Armor in order to remove it.

    Second one, when unequipping the sword, the armor switches up to the Weapon slot. Again, I have to go down to Armor in order to change it.

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