ACE Item System [RMXP]


Last Updated: July 17, 2013
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The default scene_item is just an unorganized boring list of items. The Ace Item Menu offers more item categorization control and a better layout that simulatenously provides information regarding the items to the player, while keeping a good amount of the item list visible on screen at once. The script can also be customized to rearrange commands and categories.

History Versions
01.06.2013 (v1.00)
– Finished Script

01.17.2013 (v1.01)
– Human Error, I forgot to add the Game_Temp for some reason?

01.23.2013 (v1.03)
– Improved Coding
– Fixed compatibility issues with other ACE Menu Scripts

04.15.2013 (v1.21)
– Improved Coding
– Added Item Rarities (Now can tell which item is rare by color)
– Added the ability for customizable sub-categories


Notetags – These notetags go in the item/weapon/armor name box in the database after the name.

Places this object into the item category for “string”. Whenever the selected category is highlighted in the Item Menu command window, this object will be included and shown in the item window.

Requires the script ‘Scene_Base‘ v1.5 or higher
Requires the script ‘Scene_MenuBase‘ v1.00 or higher
Requires the script ‘Module RPG::BaseItem‘ 1.2 or higher

18 comments on “ACE Item System [RMXP]

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  2. Item 909 NoMethodError

    undefined method ‘item_index’ for #


    if !$game_temp.item_index.nil?$game_temp.item_index)
    @category_window.oy = $game_temp.item_oy
    $game_temp.item_index = nil
    $game_temp.item_oy = nil

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  5. Is there a way to create my own categories and remove the default?
    I want to have only custom ID categories. Can you help me?
    I REALLY want to use your script!
    Thank you in advance, and compliments for your awesome script!

    • Sorry not yet, I was having an issue with that so I took it out until future updates. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully I can get that feature in before the end of the month.

  6. 04.15.2013 (v1.21)
    – Improved Coding
    – Added Item Rarities (Now can tell which item is rare by color)
    – Added the ability for customizable sub-categories

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  10. line 939: ArgumentError occurred.

    wrong number of arguments(0 for 1)


    unless item.for_all?
    if $game_party.last_target_index < @target_window.item_max
    @target_window.index = $game_party.last_target_index
    else use_item_nontarget

    This error pops up in the latest version of the script whenever I try to use an item on a character from the menu in-game.

  11. This looks like an awesome script I’d really like to use.
    I get a 404 error message when trying to download the script. How can I get a copy of the script?

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