ACE Skill Shop

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Last Update: July 17, 2013
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Ever wanted buy more than just items and equipment. Well this script does just that, buy selling skills instead.

History Versions
02.17.2013 (v1.00) – Finished Script


screenshot03 screenshot04 screenshot05

  • In order to call this script, you use this line:

$scene =[skill id's go here])


$scene =[1, 2]) will make a shop with the skills
Heal and Great Heal

  • In order to sell all skills without having to list every skill ID, call this script:

skills = []
(1...$data_skills.size).each {|i| skills << i}
$scene =

Script Conflicts and Compatibility
Requires the script ‘Scene_Base‘ v1.5 or higher
Requires the script ‘Scene_MenuBase‘ v1.00 or higher
Requires the script ‘Scene_ShopBase‘ v1.05 or higher

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