ACE Status System [RMXP]

The status menu doesn’t appear to help much at all in the default RPG Maker XP scripts. This script changes the status screen completely to something the player can interact with more and be able to view actor data with more clarity.

Last Updated: July 17, 2013
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Version History
07.06.2012 (v1.00) – Initial Release
08.26.2012 (v1.11) – Improved Coding, Added a layout image
12.25.2012 (v2.00) – Improved coding and overworked system
01.08.2013 (v2.01) – Improved coding; Add the last name to the biography page title.
01.23.2013 (v2.03) – Improved Coding
02.05.2013 (v2.05) – Fix the parameter bar so it fills up the whole bar when at max stat.
– Strange issue with changing characters when you click the Input::R Button.
02.07.2013 (v2.06) – Fixed the exp bar error


The status menu now provides more detailed information to the player by separating data into various categories for more visual and detailed display. Commands in the command window can be rearranged, removed, and added.


The “General” category under the status menu will display information pertaining to major parameters and experience data.


The “Parameters” category under the status menu will display a bar graph of the actor’s parameters relative to each other for a better comparison of where they stand.

Inside the script in the first comment.

Script Conflicts and Compatability
Requires Scene_Base

There is a high possiblity that any script that rewrites Scene_Status will have conflicts with this Engine.

Here is a list of the currently supported scripts that work with this menu script:

29 comments on “ACE Status System [RMXP]

  1. Good day,

    I plan to use this scrip in a project of mine, but at times, when I just loaded the save and immediately open the Status window (as I was doing when testing the script) it prompts out the following error and closes the game:

    Could you please offer me assistance as to how to rid me (us) of that error message?

    • To answer any questions that might rise from too little information:
      I do use the Scene_Base script.

      I have not editet the scripts (yet) in a way that should matter (I translated some of the output-texts)
      I have no other Scripts that should acces the script where the Status WIndow is based.

      • Sorry, I haven’t been around. I just logged back in ironically I just began on the update for this script. So hopefully I can fix the error and submitt it by end of the week.

  2. No sweat. I can wait.

    If you need further Information as to how the error came to be, just say it and I’ll try a closer reproduction of it.

    But thank you in Advance.

  3. v2.00 (Dec. 25, 2012)
    ● Improved coding and overworked system
    ● Create Custom status commands
    ● Add a custom command for the Biography, Equipment, and Skill scenes
    ● Create a Affinity Screens for element and status resistance
    ● Fix the size of the stat bars in the parameters section so they don’t run off the page.
    ● Create multiple pages for skill, state, and elemental windows when there is more items than one page can contain.
    ● Compatibility with ACE Rename Actor Screen
    known Issue: There something with the command window when you switch actors clicking the Input::R button. I got pissed off and decided to put it off for awhile unless someone can figure the issue out for me.

      • Though I miss the section, where I can define which elements are showing up in the “Element Affinity” section. Up until now, it shows the affinities of the first 8 Elements, though I have 27.

        Also, in the status defense section, it shows a first row on the left side and its values (100/200/etc) a little farther to the right. A second row with more information starts even further to the right, cutting it out of the visible screen.

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  5. Never mind, I found the configurable section for both elements and status-affinities. Now it shows, but maybe you should have another look at that.

    • Quite spamming a bit here, but only because I really think this script has a great potential.

      There seems to be something wrong with the math done, though.
      The stats for element affinities don’t add up – even though I stripped my character of any Item and nulled every resistance, it shows a -100 for the first element at all times. Also there seems to be no reaction when I equip/unequip certain objects that should lower certain element-affinities…

      • You know I was so pissed off about the states part not working properly at the time, I must have overlooked the elements. Thank you for telling me that, I’ll try to get all the updates in by tuesday or wednesday.

    • I have done a few test and this is what I learned:

      When you enter every element in the element resistance section, (1..27 for me) the numbers seem interswitched on page 2. (i.e. shows the numbers for element “20” at element “19”.

      When you definde the elements that are to be shown (1..5, 9..14, 16..17, 19, 22..23 for me) except for the first 5, all numbers seem interswitched – I cannot put my finger on it exactly, but it seems the numbers show right – BUT on the wrong element-nr.

      Concerning the states – They do not react on changes by switiching equipment.

      • I’m kind of confused, can you give a link to a screenshot because I thought I got it. Also with the states thing, there not suppose to change unless your equipment changes the resistence ranking, which can’t be done without a custom script.

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  7. I can, but my game is in german. I don’t think that would help you very much.
    Also from a screenshot you can’t see that there’s a mistake, because I only “know” it, since i know what my element’s should be like in terms of resistance.

    But here:
    Background: Naruto-Project; all elemental resistances for shown character are at “C”.
    He has NO item equipped but the highlighted one in the top pictures (both screens), which are the same (I am equipping it after I took the screen).
    In the lower left part of the top picture (both screens) I have circled the 4 Elements, which the selected glove should give a -50% for:

    11 – Tai-Jutsu
    16 – Wurfgeschoss (projectile weapon)
    17 – bewaffneter Nahkampf (armed close combat)
    23 – Ken-Jutsu

    This I did not write myself – the Script for my Equip window lists all checked boxes in the armour section of the database in that circled part of the top window.

    Screen 1

    (first page correct – like yesterday, second page shows no value today, not even at a wrong element)

    # The following adjusts what elements and states are shown. Adjust the
    # array to meet the state and element ID’s.
    :states_shown => [1..162],
    :elements_shown => [1..27],

    Screen 2

    (completely off, not even interswitched like yesterday, since there are only 2 elements showing a value. One – marked with a “?” – looks completely random to me)

    # The following adjusts what elements and states are shown. Adjust the
    # array to meet the state and element ID’s.
    :states_shown => [1..162],
    :elements_shown => [1..5, 9..14, 16..17, 19, 22, 23],

    Concerning states – aren’t you supposed to be able to strengthen resistances via equipment by checking the box next to the chosen state in the armour section?

  8. I got line 982: NameError occured.

    undefined method ‘update_right’ for class ‘Scene_Equip’

    Not only this script, but all of ‘ACE’ one.

  9. v2.03 (01.23.2013)
    ● Improved Coding
    I’ll fix the issue with the command window and with the status/elements later.

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  11. v2.05 (02.05.2013)
    ● Fix the parameter bar so it fills up the whole bar when at max stat.
    ● Fixed the strange issue with the command window when changing characters when you click the Input::R Button.

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