This script will allow your characters to retrieve information about enemies they gained during battle.

Last Updated: 01.22.2013
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Version History
01.30.2012 (v1.0) – Initial Release
03.13.2012 (v1.1) – Fixed Incompatibilites
04.24.2012 (v2.0) – Overworked the system, Improved coding, Fix bugs
06.04.2012 (v2.4) – Improved coding, Add conditions to the ability page
08.21.2012 (v2.7) – Fixed Incompatibilites, Improved coding, added layouts
12.16.2012 (v3.0) – Improved coding and overworked system
01.22.2013 (v3.1) – Fixed Compatibility with ACE Status System


  • Elemental and Status resist tables
  • Enemies skill Page
  • Show enemies description text
  • You can test fight defeated monsters
  • Some monsters data can stay hidden

Inside the script in the first comment.

This is an Advisory for those of you using multiple scripts. If you are using other scripts that rewrite the same classes or methods as this one, there may be a conflict and things will work incorrectly in unpredictable ways.

This script automatically adds itself to the default menu if you turn that feature on in the module.

Credits and Thanks

  • Bigace360, for the script.
  • Blizzard (Bitmap.Slice_text method)
  • Kellessdee, for helping me add the conditions to the Bestairy
  • Night_Runner, for helping fix a couple of things I was having trouble with

Author’s Notes
If you have any suggestion to add to the Monster Album, don’t hestitate to ask. But just know that there’s a chance that it won’t be added.

12 comments on “Scene_Bestiary[RMXP]

  1. v3.0 (Dec. 16, 2012)
    ● Improved coding and overworked system
    ● Change the biography into text files.
    ● The game now ask a question when you click battle on the status page.
    ● The command window in the status section now scrolls smoothly and doesn’t
    require you to click on the commands to view the page.
    ● Change the graphics used for bars into bitmap.
    ● Fix shifting through monsters in the status window

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  4. For those of you who are implementing them nowadays, be sure to remove the Window_Selectable part of this file, and change the !$game_system.enemy_menuaccess to $game_system.enemy_menuaccess (! removed)

    • I fixed that error, but now I get this when trying to open the Bestiary in game’s menu: undefined_method ‘monster_battle=’ for nil:NilClass. It’s something on line 1589

      Also everytime a combat starts I get: undefined_method ‘battle_test’ for nil:NilClass. On line 1442

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