Actor Biography [RMXP]


Last Update: April 24, 2013
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This is a script that calls a window that displays different aspects about a character… like their age, height, gender etc. These can be changed though. This script is free to use and edit as long as credit is given to me.

Shows actors characteristic stats and battler image or imported image. Can also add a background to it now.

Version History
12.07.2011 (v1.00) – Original script completed
01.08.2012 (v1.01) – Improved coding
01.22.2012 (v2.00)
– Overworked System and Improved Coding
– Added “slice_text” method by Blizzard
02.14.2012 (v2.32)
– Improved coding
– Added Custom Layouts
– You can align your paragraph’s in the module
04.26.2012 (v2.40) – Added an option in the module that adds the Biography into the Menu for you
06.02.2012 (v2.50) – Added Scene_Base to remove unnecessary lines
06.29.2012 (v2.62)
– Added moving Background
– Improved coding
– Fixed compatibility issues
08.21.2012 (v2.63) – fixed a selection issue in the main menu
12.28.2012 (v3.00)
– Overworked System and Improved Coding
– I change the way you add the actors name, in case the game has renaming
01.22.2013 (v3.01) – Fixed command menu issues with ACE Menu System
04.24.2013 (v3.03)
– Fixed Compatibility with Scene_Base
– Improved the way messages are used

Insert this script above main, and call it Scene_Biography. Everything is in the module so there’s no need to go any further down unless you know what your doing. Also as default, the script uses the battlers set in the database unless you place a image in the picture folder and place _P at the end of the files name.

Requires the script ‘Scene_Base‘ v1.4 or higher

Credits and Thanks

  • Bigace360, for the script

15 comments on “Actor Biography [RMXP]

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  5. I really want to use this script, and I’ve tested out the original, but I’d like to edit it to something I’m designing specifically. But whenever I do this, it gives me a few problems, always at the end of the script, or it will force me to cut things out until I get the same error.

    Um… link to an image that I’ve modeled of what I’m trying to achieve?

    I’ve edited some of it, specifically cutting the descriptions and additional information (such as weight and height) to just ‘Name’ and ‘Class’… I’m starting to think that I need to edit something in Screen_Base to achieve a functional screen, but I’m not sure.

    Plus, is it possible to have biographies appear only when characters come into the game and to disappear when they’ve left the party, changing depending on how the player is controlling?

    I’m aware that I have to edit some parameters to fit the screen I have above, but I’m not sure how.

    Could I have help with any of this?

    ((I do already know how to put an image of an actor in, but I just can’t move things around or avoid errors, and with the biographies changing depending on the party… that confuses me too.))

    Thanks for reading this I really need help. 🙂

  6. I don’t know how your getting errors as everything is in the module and its up to you if you want to edit Scene_Base, but a quick heads up. Scene_Base has nothing to do with what your trying to do.


    “Plus, is it possible to have biographies appear only when characters come into the game and to disappear when they’ve left the party, changing depending on how the player is controlling?”


    The parameters only appear vertical, so no you can’t get a horizontal effect with this script. In order to achieve what you want you’ll have to edit the core script as that biography cant be done with this script.

    This is your thread right:

    If it is I’ll post the new script their tomorrow night.

    • Yes, that’s my thread. 🙂 I don’t know how to edit the core script (I just barely know how to add and adjust things in the menu, title, etc.), so I suppose that won’t be changed.

      Oh, in that quote, I meant that it would be like the Menu_Status, where, when characters join the party, new statuses appear, and when they leave the party, they vanish. The biography at the top would be the player’s character. I think I explained that right?

      All right, thank you. 😀

  7. Sorry, but I keep getting an error: Actor Biography line361: NameError occurred.
    undefined method `update_command’ for class `Scene_Menu’

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