Scene_RowChanger [RMXP]

Last Update: January 22, 2013
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This script allows the player during gameplay to change the battle position of the player in reference to their ‘front, middle, and rear’ positions normally set in the ‘Class’ database. With this system, the position can now be changed in-game with the value from the ‘Class’ database being the default.

Position values:

0 = Front position (most likely to be attacked)
1 = Middle position
2 = Rear position (least likely to be attacked)

Version History
05.23.2012 – Started Script and Finished.
06.30.2012 – Improved Coding, Adds the Rowchanger into the menu, added moving backgrounds
01.04.2013 – Improved Coding, You can now add a custom layout to your Biography screen.


  • Allows the player to change the Battlers Position in the menu

This rewrites the ‘random_target_actor’ method in Game_Party to utilize the newer ‘position’ value instead of accessing the $data_classes database.

Credits and Thanks

  • Bigace360, for the script.

Author’s Notes
This system can still grow, if anyone has any ideals to add to it don’t hesitate to ask. However remember that your ideal might not make it.

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