Actor Approval Rating

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Last Update: May 13, 2013
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This snippet will add a approval system to all your characters. This means that doing certain actions, determined by you, will add to their approval.


To increse/decrease approval, use this in the event “Script…” command:
change_approval(actor, amount)

actor = actor id you want to change approval of.
amount = how much you want to change it by. Use a negative number to subtract.

To check approval, put this into script prompt event:

Equal to:
check_approval(0, actor, amount)

Greater than or equal to:
check_approval(1, actor, amount)

Less than or equal to:
check_approval(2, actor, amount)

Greater than:
check_approval(3, actor, amount)

Less than:
check_approval(4, actor, amount)

actor = actor id you want to check approval of.
amount = what the amount of approval you are checking against

If you wish to apply the approval bar to any where else besides the status window, then copy and paste this there:
draw_actor_approval(actor, x, y, width = 144)

Requires the script ‘Warrior Core Engine XP‘ v1.60 or higher

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