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Last Updated: 9.23.2012
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New TP parameter for use of finishing moves, ala Limit Breaks, etc. Unlike MP where if the character dies nothing happens. If the battler dies, TP is reduced to 0. This script was stripped from the Warrior Core Engine because I was having issues, this makes it alot easier for me to configure.

Version History
v 1.0 – < 09.12.2012 > First release
v 1.1 – < 09.23.2012 > Improve Coding
v 1.3 – < 10.08.2012 > Fixed Issue with the battle system; Improve Coding; Now enemies can have a TP Gauge

The method to put in a window:

width = the length of the tp bar, omit the “width =” part and change it to make it to a larger or smaller number or just remove it if your satified with the default length.
draw_actor_tp(actor, x, y, width = 130)

# ———————————————————————–
All actors starts with the TP Guage DISABLES. Toenable the tp guage of an actor, you must make an ‘Script Call’:
# ID = actor id
$game_actors[ID].tp_unlock = true

# ———————————————————————–
The configurations are done in the module below.

Requires the script ‘Warrior Engine – XP Core Engine’ v1.12 or higher

Credits and Thanks

  • Bigace360, for the script

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