Bank System [RMVXAce]

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Last Update: 03.28.2013
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Translated from RMXP, the ACE Banking System allows players to deposit and withdraw money from the bank like in real life. As your money sits in the bank, the player can accumulate interest over time, increasing the amount of money in the bank. Savings bonds can also be purchase at the bank, to increase the players cash flow as well.


  • Interest Rates
    • Let’s your Account grow by a certain percent every gametime hour (But it updates every frame)
  • Savings Bonds
    • Lets You purchase bonds that mature over time (in hours) and give you a direct interest amount from the bond

To install this script, open up your script editor and copy/paste this script to an open slot below Scene_Debug, but above Main. Remember to save.
Creating Savings Bonds

  • To Create you own Savings Bonds, go to the module and scroll down to Section IV and then read the instructions.

Creating Dynamic Banks

  • You can easily make every bank in your game different, and have it’s own interest rates & available bonds.
  • First, the template to call a bank is:

call_bank(interest_rate, bonds)

  • To change the interest rate for the bank, just change interest_rate to the integer amount of the interest. (5 = 5%) To leave the interest rate alone, set this value to 0. It will use the last interest rate used.
  • For the savings bonds, bonds will be the bond ID used from the SAVINGS_BONDS hash in the script’s module. Any items placed within the array assigned to the bond ID will be sold as savings bond.

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  2. Yeah..that’s right..I’m facing this problem for too many months, and still don’t get to fix this issue..It doesn’t do anything is XP..but in Ace it stops the loading game system..Crap..

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