Full Screen Promt

Last Update: 2.28.2012
Script Download Link

This script is for those who want to make the option of haveing the player decide if they would want to play in full screen with out having to press Alt + Enter

This script is plug and play, just paste it ABOVE MAIN, and BELLOW EVERYTHING else! There is small configurations in the module, which can be left alone, if you like whats already there.

Version History
v 1.0 – 2.28.2012 > Started and Finished Script

Compatiblity Issues
No Known issues

module SceneManager
overwrites – def self.first_scene_class

3 comments on “Full Screen Promt

  1. love your script. I really helpful when giving the game to ppl who do not understand size controls in rpg maker. If I were to say it has a compatibility issue I would say it is with Version/Build Number by V.M of D.T. Both scripts work perfectly but there script does not appear on your menu but on the second menu. Who Is a bit annoying. Hope you will transfer more of your scripts from xp to ace as I saw a few very interesting one!!!

  2. This Script is cool. It works perfectly in the playtest, but from the game.exe file; The screen comes up blank. I can still select full or windowed, and hear the sound. But I cant see the words or boarder. Can you help?

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