Window_GameCompletion [RMVXace]

Shows how much percentage of the game is completed by calling how much a variable is. For RMVXace only, for the RMXP version click here.

Version History
5.25.2012 – Started Script and Finished.

In the Event Editor, under the Control Variable tab, set the variable to the number you have in the module below. Then have the Operation at Set and then, change the constant to whatever number you want to add between 1~100.

While the bar is charging you can set it to have two different colors which that can be changed in the module:

and then you can set a solid color for a Completed bar:

Credits and Thanks

  • Bigace360, for the script.

Script Download

10 comments on “Window_GameCompletion [RMVXace]

  1. it’s something I would love ( I mena the progression Bars ) but instead to show the amount of Monster left in dungeon/building for exemple

  2. I wish there was an edit button… that script I posted above was flawed in a few ways… here is a corrected version:

    #Scene_Menu – Add ProgressBar
    # To install the script, open you script editor and paste this script in a new
    # section below the Materials, below Window_GameCompletion & above Main Process.

    class Scene_Menu < Scene_MenuBase
    # * Start Processing
    alias myStart start unless $@
    def start

    # * Create Progress Window
    def create_progress_window
    @progress_window =
    @progress_window.x = 0

    totalY = Graphics.height

    if @gold_window
    #p('totalY: ' + (totalY).to_s + ' gold Y: ' + (@gold_window.y).to_s)
    if @gold_window.y < totalY
    totalY = @gold_window.y

    if @clock
    #p('totalY: ' + (totalY).to_s + ' clock Y: ' + (@clock.y).to_s)
    if @clock.y < totalY
    totalY = @clock.y

    @progress_window.y = totalY – @progress_window.height

    Also I wanted to add that anyone using the MultiVariable Window script may want to add the following to the end of the script:

    below line 166: @gold_window =

    add this to get the window to display in the bottom left corner
    @gold_window.y = Graphics.height – @gold_window.height

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