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IMPORTANT: Use the form bellow to report a bug, any post that don’t follow it or don’t provide enough information will be DELETED. Provide DETAILED information about what exactly caused the problem. If it returns a error message, provide the COMPLETE errors message (an image of the pop up message would be better)

Post with links might need to be approved before appearing, so don’t send a post twice if it don’t show imediately.

I should remember that COMPATIBILITY ISSUES ARE NOT BUGS! DON’T REPORT COMPATIBILITY ISSUES HERE! later i will make a specific place for that, but for now my priority is solve problems with my own scripts, not scripts made by someone else. If you’ve seen my To-Do-List Page you’ll notice that I have alot on my plate before I can even start making patches for third party scripts.


Also the reports must be made in English, any report made on another language will be deleted.

Bug Report Template.

Script Name (with version):

List of Scripts Used (with version):

  • Make sure to it’s in a bullet list or I’m not reading it.

Bug Description:

Error Message:(If given, yes, else optional)

44 comments on “Bug Report

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  2. Script Name (with version): ACE Menu System v1.38
    List of Scripts Used (with version): Module RPG::BaseItem, Scene_Base v1.2, Scene_ShopBase v1.03, Warrior Engine – XP Core Engine v1.15, ACE Title Screen [RMXP] v1.02, ACE Menu System v1.38, ACE Item System v1.03, ACE Skill System v1.00, ACE Equip System v1.12, ACE Status System v2.03, ACE System Options v1.00, Max Limiter Breaker v2.0, ACE Menu Location Window v1.0, Website Launch from Title v1.0, Scene_Biography v3.1, Bestiary v3.1, Scene_RowChanger v1.5, Scene_Title_Skip
    Bug Description: I chose the “Skills”. I didn’t choose a hero, and pressed the ESC key.
    Error Message: http://imageshack.us/a/img835/1456/acemenusystemerror.png

    Script Name (with version): Warrior Engine – XP Core Engine v1.15
    List of Scripts Used (with version): As in the first message.
    Bug Description: Tried to open the window of equipment of any hero.
    Error Message: http://imageshack.us/a/img39/5605/equipmenterror.png

    Script Name (with version): Scene_Base v1.2
    List of Scripts Used (with version): As in the first message.
    Bug Description: Opened biography, and then tried to go back to the menu.
    Error Message: http://imageshack.us/a/img267/1417/scenebaseerror.png

    Script Name (with version): ACE Item System v1.03
    List of Scripts Used (with version): As in the first message.
    Bug Description: Tried to call the window of the shop
    Error Message:http://imageshack.us/a/img716/8016/shoperror.png

  3. Script Name (with version):

    ACE Status System [RMXP] (v2.05)

    List of Scripts Used (with version):

    Started a new project to test the error with:

    ACE Status System [RMXP] (v2.05)
    Scene_Base [RMXP] (v1.3)

    Bug Description:
    The game crashes as soon as the status window is selected in the menu.

    Error Message:

    Script ‘ACE Status System [RMXP]’ line 712: ArgumentError occured.
    wrong number of arguments(4 for 3)

  4. Script Name (with version):

    ACE Status System [RMXP] (v2.06)

    List of Scripts Used (with version):

    (again) Started a new project to test the error with:

    ACE Status System [RMXP] (v2.05)
    Scene_Base [RMXP] (v1.3)

    Bug Description:
    Upon equipping your party, when you move your cursor onto the part you want to equip (let’s say the swords) the cursor does not move in the section with swords to equip (inventory), but rushes up and down between the equip-slots, when you try to navigate with the “up” and “down” keys while selecting a weapon (or whatever you try to equip)

    Error Message:

    Link to screenshot-array

    • little mistake:

      Started a new project to test the error with:

      ACE Status System [RMXP] (v2.06) <— (I used the newest version of course.)
      Scene_Base [RMXP] (v1.3)

      • So its an issue with the default equipment scene. I forgot to check with the other scenes such as skill scene as well and I know whats causing the problem, its in window_selectable. I had to add something there to fix the issue with the Input::R, but didnt check to see if it would cause issues else where. I’ll get on later, stuff to do.

  5. Script Name: Actor Approval Ratings

    List of Scripts Used:
    *Warrior Core Engine XP v1.60
    *Event Name Display

    Bug Description:

    I have one character in my party who is listed as “001.” The character encounters an event which uses the script change_approval(0, 1). The bug ensues.

    Error Message:
    Script “Actor Approval Ratings” line 257 NameError occurred
    uninitialized constant Interpreter::APPROVAL_SETTINGS

    Thank you so much for all the scripts! They have been a great help!

      • Oh okay I just go back into coding after studying to actually read what you said. That error appears because I updated Warrior Engine but not the Actor Approval Ratings. I’ll add the update in a minute.

  6. BIGACE scripts, just a complicated system, it has unlimited errors in it’s own menu system demo, lets say for Skill menu, equip menu, hospital fee, shop menu, item menu..If you install the skill menu then u cant change your skills during battle, though the looks of these menus are awesome, but i’m tired of some of this silly errors..Bank,Biography,Status and Bestiary works perfect, and Worrior Engine makes the game system slower.

    • ~ I have no clue what your talking about. I’m well aware that the Warrior Engine is slow. That I’m trying to find a remedy to.
      ~ The Menu Demo is outdated, I believe I’ve said that before.
      ~ Have no clue on what you mean by you can’t which skills in battle?
      ~If you don’t post any of the errors I can’t help you. It doesn’t help anybody if you tell me there is “unlimited errors” (whatever that means), but don’t post any error messages.

      P.S. Don’t post any error messages from the demo, it’s outdated.

      • Actually I mean that i’m using all of your menu scripts. But i’m having a problem with “Skill menu”.It’s not a bug.The matter is after installing the skill menu script, I cant change or switch to any other skills in battle screen. Skill selection cursor become invisible. 😦 Others are working great for me. Another could u plz tell me..I’m using ur Banking System, Its awesome, but I cant figure out that how much time it takes to get a mature bond. for example in ur script there is a Bond, that takes 7 hours to be matured.What does it mean? how the game engine calculate that 7hours? is the time is depending on steps?

  7. Script Name (with version): ACE Equip System v. 1.14

    List of Scripts Used (with version): — SceneBase 1.4
    ACE Status System 2.06
    Bestiary 3.1
    Actor Biography 3.03
    Base Item [no version listed that I see]

    Bug Description: When I go into the equip menu I get this error message: Script ‘ACE Equip System’ line 880 ArgumentError occurred.

    wrong number of arguments(2 for 1)

  8. There is an error with your menu system demo
    Every time I exit the menu after viewing the biography even in the demo I get this error:
    Script’ Scene_Base’ line 116 NoMethodError occurred
    undefined method ‘ dispose’ for NilClass. Why? I really don’t know what is causing it.

  9. Script Name (with version):
    ACE Save System v1.01

    List of Scripts Used (with version):
    *Scene_Base v1.5
    *Scene_MenuBase v1.00

    Bug Description:
    When I save a game, the save file does not correctly display the actors in the current party. For example, if my party consists of actors 005, 006, 007 and 009, it might display actors 001, 003, 005 and 007. Or if my party is actors 010-014 it might display actors 001-004

    Error Message:(If given, yes, else optional)

  10. Bug: When clicking an Action Key on an event that is triggered by an Action Key, the event keeps on replaying after it’s done.

    For example, an event triggered by an Action Key will bring up a message saying “Asdf.” Once exiting the message window, it opens again immediately afterwards, creating an infinite loop of “Asdf” message boxes.

    I have no idea what is causing this.

    I am running these scripts currently…

    ACE Menu Engine
    ACE Item System
    ACE Skill System
    ACE Equip System
    ACE Save System
    ACE Status System

    I am running no other scripts from any third party.

    • Hm, I’ve found a fix to the problem. If I add Wait to the event after the Show Text, it breaks the loop.

  11. When I try to open the item menu in battle processing I get an error.

    Custom scripts utilized (in order):
    Module.RPG BaseItem
    Scene Base v1.5
    Scene MenuBase v1.00
    ACE Item System v1.23

    Script ‘Scene_MenuBase’ line 549: ArgumentError occurred
    wrong number of arguments(0 for 4)

  12. Script Name (with version): Actor Biography [RMVXace] v1.00

    List of Scripts Used (with version): Tested in a fresh project

    Bug Description:
    As per the header’s instructions, I created a “Portraits” folder inside “Graphics” and put in all of my actors’ images, with filenames of (Actor 1’s name)_P, (Actor 2’s name)_P, etc. When I call the biography scene, however, the portraits are not drawn. The character aspects, histories, and biographies are displayed, but none of the actors have a portrait to go with it. Changing around the portrait coordinates to check where they are doesn’t work either.

    This script is perfect for my project since I don’t really need battle stats, but I’m having trouble making it work…

  13. When I use the Menu Formations script it gives me an error:
    Script’Ace Formations’line 151:NameError occurred
    undefined methohd ‘open_command’ for class ‘Scene_Menu’

    Hope the whole error shows. Please tell me what I did wrong and why I got that error?

  14. Script Name (with version): Status System (RMXP) 2.07 (sorry, bet you’re pretty sick of working on this one)

    List of Scripts Used (with version):

    (all for RMXP)
    * Scene_base 1.5
    * Module_BaseItem 1.2
    * scene_Menubase 1.0
    * Ace_Menusystem 1.43
    * Ace_Equipment 1.15
    * Ace_Item 1.23
    * Ace_Skill 1.01
    * Ace_Status 2.06
    * Ace_Save 1.01

    Bug Description:
    1* As noted by a previous script user: page 2 and onward of Element Affinities seems to show the correct element names, but shows the actual numbers from page 1. Thus if Element 1 is Fire, and element 19 (the first one on page 2) is Ice, the % number showing on page 1 shows the same on page 2, rather than what it actually is in the database. This continues for each element.

    2* there is an offset to which element shows which number. no matter what i do, Element 001 always shows as “-100%”. All elements afterward (on page 1) show the % number for the element before them in the database.
    in my current project, the database is: 001 heat:D, 002 arcane_heat:E, 003 hellfire:F.
    in the status window, i see: 001:-100%, 002:-50%, 003:-100%, and poor divine_heat at 004 gets the healing effect meant for hellfire.

    No crashes caused by this, but i’m foremost an artist and writer; i just dont know programming remotely well enough to figure this out. XD
    Sorry to add to the frustration load. this IS a fantastic system you have here!

    • UPDATE:
      Rewriting the script to show elements 0-32 instead of 1-32 actually FIXES the number alignment issues (partially). Page 1 is now correct with regard to which numbers show next to which elements, but it shows a ” -100%” as the first entry in the element affinity chart.
      Page 2 shows the element names correctly for the next set of elements, but does NOT UPDATE THE DISPLAYED NUMBERS. it still shows the numbers from page 1 instead of the numbers that are actually associated with the page 2 elements.

      • Also, attempting to scroll up or down in the Status list while in element affinity page 2 causes an error message:
        “Script ‘ACE_Status’ line 763: NoMethodError occured. undefinded method ‘each_index’ for nil:NilClass”

  15. Script Name: Actor Biography [RMVXace]
    Version: 1.00

    List of Scripts Used: None (tested on a new fresh project)

    Bug Description: By exploring the menu profile of the party members, the bios works. But when going to Skills or Equipment, the game crashes and an Error Message appears.

    Error Message: Script ‘Biography’ line 450: NoMethodError occured.

    undefined method `maic_inserted_menu_commands’ for

    I hope I provided enough data ^^”

    • Here’s the link of the image of the message error since the rest of the message went invisible due to the caracter symbols ^^”

  16. Script Name: Warrior Core Engine XP v1.60

    List of Scripts Used: Veiw Range Script v2 By: Near Fantastica

    Bug Description: Called a battle with an event on the map. One of the characters starts the battle with the state “Silent” which locks skills (“cant’ use magic”) . Trying to select skills from the battlemenu while in this state causes a crash. Tested it without Near’s View Range Script, still crashed.

    Error Message:
    Script ‘warrior core engine’ line 1006: noMethodError occurred.
    undefined method ‘sp_f’ for #

    • My error message got truncated. Trying again:
      Script ‘warrior core engine’ line 1006: noMethodError occurred.
      undefined method ‘sp_f’ for #<RPG::Skill:0x1426b20>

  17. Script Name (with version): System Options [RMXP] Version: 1.41

    List of Scripts Used (with version):
    *Module RPG::BaseItem [RMXP] (No version given?)
    *Scene_Base [RMXP] (1.5)
    *Scene_MainBase (1)
    *System Options [RMXP] (1.41)

    Make sure to it’s in a bullet list or I’m not reading it.
    Bug Description:Installed System options, it causes the text on the menu to disappear. (All text on in-game menu disappears) Also causes all Text boxes/ data entry boxes to appear empty.

    Error Message:no crash error

    This is likely caused by me messing up on something simple, this is my first time on this system.

  18. Script Name (with version): basicly none
    -Module RPG::BaseItem ,
    (all freshly downloaded)

    Bug Description: I’m having the same problem as https://bigaceworld.wordpress.com/support/bug-report/#comment-679

    The Event Processing, either triggered by touch or action key goes into an inifite loop.
    I’ve narrowed the error down to Scene_MainBase.
    Deleting the script removes the error.
    Also moving the player away from the event breaks the loop.

    • so while testing a bit, i found that deleting the scene_map part from Scene_MainBase resolves the issue. I’m not that appy about Scene_MainBase rewriting that much and thus having massive compatibility issues with other scripts. could you tell me which parts of Scene_MainBase are actually used by your Status System? Since i’m not planning on using any other of your scripts, i would like to have as few rewrites as possible.

  19. Script Name: Event Chase Player

    List of Scripts Used: Warrior Core Engine 1.60

    Bug Description: Downloaded the Warrior Core Engine 1.60 to make it work with the Event Chase Player script. Got the error message below. Event Chase requires 1.35 or higher, so I assume I’m doing it right–with the Warrior Core Engine script ABOVE the Event Chase Player. The WCE script is right below main.

    Error Message: “The script ‘Event Chase Player’ requires the script ‘Warrior Core Engine XP’ v1.35 or higher above it to work properly. Go to https://bigaceworld.wordpress.com/ to download this script.”

  20. Script Name: Menu Formation Add on

    List of Scripts Used: All Ace Menu Systems except for the Title and Options Script

    Bug Description: I have put all the Ace menu scripts into my game and they all work fine until I add the
    the Ace Menu Formation Add on. I made sure to put the add on script below the
    Ace Menu Script. I haven’t even edited any the scripts so I don’t know whats causing
    the error but I really want to fix it since being able to easily change party members
    would help out my game a ton.

    Error Message: Script ‘ACE Menu System Add-on: Menu Formation’ line 151: NameError occurred.
    undefined method `open_command: for class `Scene_Menu’

  21. There is a bug in the Script: Actor Biography (ACE)
    When i select the Status and when i select the character to show his/her status,this message appears:

    Script ‘Actor Biography (ACE)’ line 449: NoMethodError occurred

    undefined method ‘maic_inserted_menu_commands_’ for #

    Please,fix this.

  22. Script Name (with version):
    Bank System [RMVXA] Ver. 1.00

    List of Scripts Used (with version):

    – Bank System [RMVXA] Ver. 1.00
    – (Tested in blank project)

    Bug Description:
    Any attempt to load a saved game is denied with a sound, as if the option is unavailable. I have tried to load a fresh game, a game saved before the the script and after. No option allows the game to be loaded.

    Error Message:
    No error message is given, just the “denied” sound.

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