Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions that people might have frequently.
If someone is stupid enough to ask something that is already covered by this guide, expect a very bad treatment.

This faq will be expanded as it needed.

Q: The demo won’t open, how to open it?
A: Download Winrar and try again.

Q: I’m having problem with working this with my CBS, can you help?
A: No! Sorry but unless it’s Tenkantai CBS, I suck at Custom Battle Systems so you’re going to have to request help from some one else.

Q: Can you make a demo?
A: No, if there isn’t already a demo for script. Then that means I wasn’t planing on creating a demo. Don’t ask, i don’t care about why the hell you can’t make the system work without a demo. If you have any issue ask here (but first read the damn instructions in the script!)

Q: I’m having compatibility issue, how can i solve that?
A: You can’t solve, unless you’re a good scripter. So, depeding on the script, I might make a compatibility patch. I have no responsability on compatibility issues. Neither do I have an obligation to solve any issue with third party scripts. If i don’t agree with making a patch to solve your issue and you can’t do it by yourself you have only one option: DEAL WITH IT!

Q: I like your menu, but can you make me a custom one for my game?
Everything featured on this site is free for non-commercial and commercial, however if someone wants a very specific unique system, I won’t do it for free (depending on the size that is) especially if its time consuming. I’ll make a page for this soon as I get the time, meaning for the time being I won’t be taking any commission request. Any request for small scripts for the public are fine though.

Q: I get an error when using the script in my own project?
A: There may be several reasons to this:

  1. You didn’t download Scene_Base as some of my scripts require that you download it.
  2. You haven’t read the instructions carefully enough, and forgotten something such as copy required images to your project, or setting some constants. Please make sure the documentation definitely can’t solve your issue.
  3. The error messege might be telling you to download the Warrior Engine as some scripts require it.
  4. There’s a compatibility error with another script you’re using. This might happen, as scripters think differently, and sometimes write things in ways that cannot coexist. As for me, I do my best to ensure minimal compatibility issues for my scripts, so the error is most likely a flaw in the conflicting script, or in the worst case scenario, both scripts cannot possibly be used together. Please determine which script is conflicting by trying my script with each other one you’re using individually until the error appears. However remember, that I won’t fix compatibility errors with third party scripts right away. I will in the future, but not now.
  5. Though unlikely, there might be a stupid bug. If none of the above worked, please report the error (see below) and I’ll fix things that are my bad as soon as I get your message.

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