Terms of Use

Any original material made by Bigace360 on Bigace Scripting World is free for use with both free and commercial RPG Maker games. I don’t demand royalties or special liberties if you choose to use the original content in your commercial games (but a free copy of your game would be nice~).

Editing these scripts is perfectly okay as long as you still provide the proper credit. Any non-original content posted, linked, or shared on Bigace Scripting World will require you to contact the respective parties for permission of use.

Note: Other scripts such as the Warrior Engine will state otherwise with its terms and usages, but will still be free in use for commerical games.

Creative Commons License

Warrior Core Engine XP by Bigace360 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

I think this is simple. I’d like to keep it simple. Please don’t do things that’ll make me complicate it.

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