This page is for scripts that are in production at the moment or what scripts will be upgraded. The bold scripts are more important than the non-bold scripts.

Scripts in Production

    1. RGSS
      • Scene_PartySwitcher
      • Scene_Journal
      • Shop System
      • Common Event Shop
      • Credit Script
      • Custom Battle System
      • Clan System
      • Skill Cost Manager
      • New Game+
      • Stealth Detection System
      • Scene Help
      • Scene Quest
      • Encyclopedia Skill
      • Vehicle System
    2. RGSS3
      • Scene_Skipper
      • Hospital System
      • Scene_Bestiary
      • Arena System
      • Warrior Addons System ACE
      • Stealth Detection System
      • Credit Script

Feature Updates

  1. Hospital System
    • Add Hospital Prizes System
  2. Scene_Options
    • Remove lag when selecting font or windowskins, when the Warrior Core Engine is installed.
    • Fix issue with selectable windows, example when you cancel your selection the font might be a different font then the preivous.
  3. Rename Actor
    • There’s an issue with the cursor, where if your using the command window for some reason the cursor for the name input keeps moving.

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