Script Order

I have noticed that many people have problems putting my scripts in the right order into the editor. It’s not that bad if it were only 3 scripts, but what if it are 6, 7 or even more…? Anyway, here is the script order that should work for my scripts.

Why does the script order matter? Well take a look at this example below to see why you need to place scripts in the right order.

script 1: class A, refine method x(a) to x(a, b)
script 2: class A, refine method x(a, b) to x(a, b) with additional code

If I put them the other way around, this would happen:

script 2: class A, refine method x(a, b) to x(a, b) with additional code
script 1: class A, refine method x(a) to x(a, b)

Script 2 would cause an error because the original method wasn’t redefined to accept 2 parameters (a, b) but it still only accepts (a).

Or another example would simply be if a method is completely overriden. i.e. the SDK overrides lots of methods, it you put it below my scripts, it would override many methods of my scripts and render them partially not working. It’s as if you had them in the right order, but you simply deleted some parts of it. Of course it won’t work that way.

Script Order
Keep in mind that there are exceptions for scripts that need to be put between or below my scripts. Be sure to follow this suggested order, but always give priority to the instructions of other scripters! If they say to put a script at a specific location between or after my scripts, put it there.

  • ~ before the script name  means “multiple scripts” and scripts not by me.
  • Bolded script names are scripts by me.
  • Italic script names are script plugins by me.

RMXP list

  • Scene_Title_Skip
  • ~ RTP scripts
  • ~ SDK
  • ~ Other people’s scripts
  • Module.RPG::BaseItem
  • Module.RPG::Audiofile Extentions
  • Warrior Engine XP
  • Scene_Base
  • ACE Title Screen – Simple
  • Website Launch from Title
  • ACE Menu Engine
  • ACE Item System
  • ACE Skill System
  • ACE Equip System
  • ACE Status System
  • Rename Actor
  • ACE Option System
  • Window Game Completion [RMXP]
  • Map Location Window
  • Scene_ShopBase
  • Hospital Fee
  • Pause Screen
  • Bestairy
  • Scene Biography
  • Row Changer
  • Actor Approval Ratings
  • Max Limiter Breaker
  • No Zombie Leader!
  • Random Namer
  • TP Guage
  • Call Event
  • ~ Main / ~ Modified Main

WARNING: SBS Tankentai XP was not tested with any of these scripts, use with caution.

You do not have to maintain the exact order of my scripts, but I can’t guarantee that there will be no problems if you don’t. Individual scripts that I have created are not listed here. I will keep this topic updated.

Updated on 01.29.2013

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