This script was designed to act as a parent class for all scenes. It provides 2 major purposes :

  1. Give the Main Processing Method a Common Structure
  2. Automatically Update & Dispose All Spritesets, Sprites, Windows or any other instance variable that responds to :update or :dispose

This is a script for developers, not non-scripters. If you do not plan to create scenes in RMXP, this isn’t needed.

Credits and Thanks

  • Bigace360, for the script
  • RMVX/VXace, for there Scene_Base

Script Download

17 comments on “Scene_Base[RMXP]

  1. I need help with a script error. Error: Script ‘Scene_Base’ line 116: NoMethodError occurred. Undefined method `dispose’ for nil:NilClass

    Is this part really needed? Can I just delete it?

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  5. Hello! I have discovered my problem. The script that you have up is Scene_Base v1.4, while your scripts require v1.5.

  6. You most-likely said somthing somewhere, but i cant find it, so here it go’s:
    i cant find the Scene_Base 1.5 script (i can find 1.4, but not this), i also cant find this scene menubase script (i see the link, but its not a link yet) and where can i find your graphics like “back4″ that keeps my game crashing? thanks!!

  7. ok, thanks for 1.5, but where can i find the graphics u used, and when do you think menu_base will be up… thanks in advance!

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