Actor Biography [RMVXace]

Last Update: April 23, 2013
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This is a script that calls a window that displays different aspects about a character… like their age, height, gender etc. These can be changed though. Along with that, the script allows for the ability to change the descriptions for actors during the game.

To install the script, open you script editor and paste this script on a new section bellow the Materials section. If you are using a menu script and you want this script to add itself to the menu automatically, then this script should be below the custom menu. The actor’s portrait images must be placed on the folder “Graphics/portraits/”. Create a folder named “Portraits” in the Graphics folder.

Comment calls note tags:
Tags to be used in events comment box, works like a script call.

<change biography: id>
</change biography>

The new description text, the string is the text, to add a break line use \\n.
id : ID of the actor

4 comments on “Actor Biography [RMVXace]

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  2. Link is broken. I know this is a few years later, but is there any chance you could repost this?

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